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Our "LIVE" Training Programs actually brings us into your training area to help you train. The power of the internet is going to help you with the training process by having us right there with you as you train so that you can get instant feedback. Canine Behavior Specialists is the pioneer in this new way of training for your dog.

Our new, interactive Training Programs will bring dog training to life. These unique programs cover everything you need to train a well behaved dog with the guidance of a trainer right in your own home. You will work closely with your personal trainer to learn how to train your dog.

The ability to have instant feed back with this type of course has been unheard of until now. Yes, you can have a trainer watch you working with your dog “LIVE” through the power of the internet.

We have actually been using this same technology to train professional trainers, as well as law enforcement to train their detection dogs.


Lifestyle Training
"Lifestyle" obedience training is a new style of training that concentrates on the areas of training that you are inmterested in to make your dog a welcome member of your household. Unlike traditional obedeience training that has it's basis for competition.

Advanced Training
Our advanced obedience program is for those dog owners who would like to continue their
dogs training and take it to the next level. It is also perfect for the person who would like to
compete in AKC obedience competition.

Surviving Your Puppy !!!
Everything you need to know about your new puppy.


Aggressive Dog Rehabilitation
Do you have a dog that is showing aggression to people, dogs, or family members?


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